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What To Bring With You

  • Often, an WFG, tax preparer will find deductions you may not realize you’re entitled to receive. To be sure you claim every deduction you’re entitled to, bring the following items with you to your GBW tax preparer. At WFG you’ll receive fast, accurate tax preparation without the long lines.

  • Social Security Card(s)

  • Driver’s License(s)

  • Dependents’ Social Security numbers and dates of birth

  • Wage Statements (W-2)

  • Last year’s return (if available)

  • Pension, Retirement Income, 1099-R(s)

  • Interest and Dividend Income

  • Commissions

  • Sales of stocks or bonds

  • Self-employed business income & expenses

  • Lottery or Gambling winnings/losses (W-2G)

  • State Tax Refund (1099-G)

  • Social Security/Unemployment Income (SSA-1099)

  • Rental Property Income and Expenses

  • Alimony Paid or Received

  • Record of Purchase or Sale of Residence

  • Medical and Dental expenses

  • Real estate and personal property taxes

  • Estimated taxes or foreign taxes paid

  • Cash and non-cash charitable contributions

  • Mortgage or home equity loan interest paid

  • Un-reimbursed employment related expenses

  • Job related educational expenses

  • Child care expenses and provider information

  • Education Expenses (if any)

  • Moving Expenses (if any)

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